Forest of Imagination 2024 – Biodiversity Ring: A Million Small Acts

Forest of Imagination 2024’s theme is Biodiversity Ring: A Million Small Acts

26–30 June 2024

The Holburne Museum and Gardens, BA2 4DB

Now entering our eleventh year, Forest of Imagination is taking over The Holburne Museum and Gardens, from 26 – 30 June 2024. This year’s theme will highlight a vibrant ‘Ring of Biodiversity’ through stories and creative interventions. Taking advantage of the diverse landscapes and habitats, Forest of Imagination’s physical presence will reinforce the green setting of the Museum Gardens leading into Sydney Gardens and the wider city landscapes.

This ‘ring of life’ is created from multiple interventions. Some large, some small but all inspiring little steps to make it easier to address the climate and ecological emergencies.

The Ring of Biodiversity will consist of soundscapes, lights, and small interventions made by artists, school children, community groups, and visitors to the site. In addition, the circle will link a sequence of larger interventions that are more interactive such as the Climate Spa and the An-Ki Theatre. Participants will contribute, share, visit, eat, and make ideas come to life.

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