Glow Moments

Freshford Primary School

A museum at Freshford

Found objects – a beach ball, a rusty tin… amongst feathers, pine cones, shells and sticks-became the basis for an interest in “collections” and a source of inspiration for fantasies to take root and grow. Fragments of walks brought back to the classroom in the form of memories, photographs and sounds were important in themselves, providing an echo of what was there. We shared our treasures, their meanings and connections, giving time to listen, linger, wonder and speculate. The children created a “museum” a way of sharing an ongoing fascination with collections and “precious stuff” …its contents connecting them to family, friends and the world around them.

One of the children thinking about the museum and the objects within,

“Eyes are outside and doors are outside. Heart is inside and those things are inside. You are seeing the inside of something when you see it with your heart- you find out more and more.”


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