Case Studies

House of Imagination pop up event 2016

House of Imagination pop up event 11-23 April 2016, 44AD artspace Bath

The Pop –up House of Imagination provided a dedicated space in which to explore creative possibilities that had no demands on it other than the activities and explorations of the groups using it. Many participants commented on the feel of the space, it feeling calm, open, special, full of possibility and in particular how it was different from a classroom environment. It was inspiring and immersive.

Working with different artists and creative professionals in the space created opportunities to make visible children’s different forms of expression and different languages for thinking and creating.

It became a canvas for each child’s imagination, each group leaving a trace of their experiences and ideas as a provocation to future visitors. People were able to witness creative enquiry and creative curriculum in action. This documentation provided a record of what was emerging, but was also an invitation to others to explore their own enquiries.

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