Case Studies

Knowle Park Primary School

Exploring Green Spaces

Our initial starting point was to visit local green spaces. The children’s interest in the microcosmic elements of these walks was complemented by the adults’ wider view of how the different parts create a

Painting, drawing and discussion were used to explore and discover the children’s fascinations. Aerial photographs, internet images, books, maps, photographs and talking with local residents gave the children the opportunity to recognise where they lived from different viewpoints, to gain a historical and geographical perspective of their locality and to understand what a neighbourhood is.

A group of six children and one dedicated parent formed a core group to facilitate the learning of adults and children to a deeper level. The children initiated this new direction by being the leaders of their own learning, guiding the adults on an exploration of their neighbourhood.

‘It was brilliant to see the parents getting involved, and being so encouraging as they witnessed the children developing confidence through exploring different media’. Carol Ward (teacher)

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