Glow Moments

Writhlington Secondary School

We build a tardis-like structure in the heart of Writhlington school. Students and staff take up residence. It’s a den. It’s safe. We forget we are in school. We travel to new places digitally and also in our hearts, minds and bodies.

Students are given a remote tour around the planetarium in Bristol and five minutes later are talking animatedly but seriously to Astrophysicist Dr Darren Baskill and Hadron Collider student Vicky Stephens at Sussex University. The students ask: Where does space end? And what exactly are black holes? Darren starts describing but Vicky interrupts: “Erm, didn’t you actually find 12 more?” The students’ eyes widen and they still: will we ever find life on another planet? Darren responds: “we are doing our best, we are looking, maybe I’m currently speaking to the person who’s going to be the first to find alien life.” After the conversation the students comment – “but they look like normal people they look just like me. And they are thinking I could do this. I could really do this, for real, in my life.”

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