Case Studies

Newbridge Primary School

How can drama act as a catalyst to free up children’s creativity?

Our project involved three different groups of 20 Year 5 students working with a drama specialist and a Forest School Practitioner. Each group had 5 sessions that took place in a small woodland in the school grounds. The structure and initial provocation for each group changed as we incorporated what we had learned and observed from previous groups.

Group 1: The children were invited to negotiate and create an imaginary world, creating their own characters and focusing on how they interacted with others.

Group 2: The initial provocation was the same as for the first group but with a longer, more detailed introduction in the classroom. Sketch books were introduced.

Group 3: The children were invited to be a NATO team of explorers in the year 2062, sent to see if another world might be suitable for humanity. The children were asked to create their characters, thinking of the specific skills that the team might need.

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